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Optimize your training and work

Here are some of the reasons why you should have an M1 in your facility.

Adaptable Design

Optimize time

Say goodbye to time-consuming work in handwritten notes, Word Documents, and spreadsheets.

Diagnose and results

Professionals can elevate their practice to the next level and deliver better care and outcomes to their patients.

Optimize space

7 modes in one, where you can do countless works in a single area of your space.

Optimize resources

You can design training and therapy sessions easily and quickly, save them, and return to them with the click of a button.


Solutions for every specialist

Elevate your fitness journey with MYOQUALITY M1 and experience unmatched performance and results.


Achieve Precision Performance Assessments with MYOQUALITY: Our advanced sensors and algorithms gather essential data about your muscle strength, endurance, and other key variables, enabling accurate evaluations under maximum specificity conditions.





Health and Sports Science professionals

Allow you to grow professionally  and thrive in your practice while delivering exceptional service to your clients.


In training, one fundamental objective is to cultivate the necessary behaviors to protect your athletes. While optimizing performance is crucial, preventing injuries is equally paramount


Achieve peak performance with MYOQUALITY's in-depth training data analysis. Identify areas for improvement and make precise adjustments to effectively reach goals.


Let you store and monitor data over time. Stay updated with clear, visual graphs and statistics that showcase the improvements and progress in training for athletes or clients.



Return to Activity, Return to Play, and Return to Competition. With its precision in providing real-time data on all your athletes during their readaptation process, MYOQUALITY ensures seamless progress and optimal performance.


Return to activity

MYOQUALITY allows you to monitor and evaluate your athletes' performance throughout their readaptation process. Advanced sensors record vital data like muscle strength, balance, and coordination, providing crucial insights to customize readaptation programs for each individual athlete.


Goes the extra mile, serving as your ultimate ally in active rehabilitation. Benefit from personalized programs and exercises tailored to reclaim muscular strength, mobility, and coordination essential for your rehabilitation journey.


Revolutionize your Research in Sports

Sets new standards for precision and efficiency. Train, treat, and evaluate simultaneously, capturing real-time data for rigorous studies and reliable results. Securely record and store all measurements, including muscle strength and performance.


CV < 10%

ICC > 0.9

Trusted by researchers

in Academic labs, Research institutes, Universities, and Medical centers.

Securely record and store all measurements

Elevate your research with MYOQUALITY and unlock new possibilities for scientific advancement.