Smart Motion

Cutting-Edge Technology for Performance Assessment and Enhancement

Elevate Muscle Quality performance with Our All-in-One Device featuring Seven Work Modes, from Flywheels to Isokinetics

The ideal technology if you work in...

Strength & Conditioning, Personal Training, Sports Science, Physiotherapy and Kinesiology

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Welcome to the future of Strength Training

Simultaneous training and testing
Real-time feedback and insights
Create any exercise imaginable
Enhance body awareness to optimize performance
Generate personalized reports for individuals and teams

How does MYOQUALITY work?

Select the Mode and Type of Resistance

Scroll through the different modes, and select one based on the type of resistance that you want to use

Perform. Excel. Obtain superior results.

Countless exercises that will enhance performance, improve injury recovery and return to play process, or facilitate activities in daily life.

Save data. Analyze. Track Progress.

Precision training and therapy thanks to the data provided by the M1.

MYOQUALITY M1 The complete instrument for training and evaluation

Evaluate, train, protect, optimize, and track your progress. Elevate your fitness journey and experience. Unmatched performance and results.


OPTIMIZE SPACE Safe and Consistent Training

Integrate with your existing equipment.


What is not measured, cannot be improved

Our advanced sensors and algorithms gather essential data about your muscle strength, endurance, and other key variables, facilitating precise assessments in highly specific conditions.

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MYOQUALITY enhances your professional capabilities, fosters growth and elevates everyday performance. It’s the driving force your business needs.  

Training & Performance

Elevate your training strategy with data-driven insights.


Take advantage of M1’s passive and active support in your treatments.


The ultimate readaptation tool to drive Return to Train and Return to Competition.


Capture real-time data for rigorous studies and reliable results.

Frequently asked questions about MYOQUALITY:

MYOQUALITY is a cutting-edge fitness and therapy equipment designed to enhance muscle strength, power, and overall performance.

MYOQUALITY uses a motor electromechanical technology to provide variable resistance during exercises, allowing users to engage muscles more effectively and efficiently.  

Motorized resistance maximizes user safety and consistency, preventing injury while training.

MYOQUALITY is suitable for a wide range of users, from elite athletes and fitness enthusiasts to individuals undergoing physical therapy or rehabilitation.

MYOQUALITY supports a variety of exercises, including squats, pulls, pushes, and more, targeting both upper and lower body muscle groups.

MYOQUALITY can be adapted for users of all fitness levels, with adjustable resistance settings to accommodate beginners as well as advanced athletes.

Yes, MYOQUALITY is often used in physical therapy and rehabilitation settings to aid in muscle strengthening and recovery.


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Discover the difference: See how MYOQUALITY can enhance your practice

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