The perfect device for strength training, rehabilitation, injury prevention, and general training.

M1 activates muscles safely and efficiently

Provides an unparalleled strength training or recovery experience. Its ergonomic design and range of training modes adapts to different muscle groups and individual needs.


All-in-one: 7 distinct modes

This functional training device enables a range of multi-dimensional (multi plane), multi-jointmovements featuring acceleration and deceleration patterns present in both sports and daily routines.

How does MYOQUALITY work?

1. Select the Mode/
Type of Resistance


Scroll through the different modes, and select one based on the type of resistance that you want to use. Explore the endless possibilities of each mode. 

2. Start an excercise. Obtain superior results.


Countless exercises, improve injury recovery and return to play process. Choose the range of movement and the direction of the vector.

3. Receive Real-Time Feedback.
Track Progress with Myo App


Precision training and therapy thanks to the data provided by the M1. View and save real-time data. Adjust based on objective results of evidence-based practice.

Explore our product

Seven different ways to generate and control force and movement.

All-in-one 7 modes

Turn the M1 into one of the seven devices it supports.

M1 - Technical Specifications

M1 devices basically are a combination of an electrical motor, one or two, a controller o mother board that tells the motor what to do exactly when force is exerted. Depend on the model or brand, it will include a serial of sensors to control the external force, velocity and distance.


65 x 65 x 20 cm

25″ x 23″ x 8″






99 Ibs 

45 kg


Programmable 1,5 m/s 

Reachable 3 m/s

Foot Print

47″ x 47″

1,2 m x 1,2 m



2,7 m

Accesories included

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using a M1 in your facility